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Written on 23:50 by Novi Tata

This is my first post in english. I realize that my english is still poor. However, I do believe that my english and my pronounciation will be increase if I practice regularly.

Lets talk about the reason why I should keep writing in my blog. Today, blog is a great tools for us to communicate what's on our mind. Everyone can have a blog easily. Blog is very effective to share our thought about this life, about somethings happen in our environment, to share our knowledge. Our knowledge will be more useful if we share it. If we keep the knowledge stay on our mind, it will be worthless and the probability that we'll forget is high. Beside it, our blog also can remember us when someday we forget about something that we have write before. 

Don't worry if just a few people visit your blog. Don't be affraid if nobody leave their comment. Keep writing, cause someday when you read your blog, you'll unconsciously smile. Or maybe your child, your grand child read it. Writing also make us more love reading because to write something, we must have good knowledge. The first particle of Al Qur'an contains a command to reading for us. So, reading should not be a hobby, but a duty. 

Write this article makes me wanna go to book store right now :D Please forgive me if there are many wrong sentences, many wrong spelling, etc. Cause this is my first post in english.. Wanna say thanks to Mr. Google translate who have help me much to accomplish this post. If you wanna correct this post, I'll say thank you very muuch.. :)

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  1. AMYunus |

    Keep blogging

  2. Novi Tata |

    Thank You :)


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