Thanks For Colouring My Day

Written on 10:38 by Novi Tata

As a social creature, I need friends in my life. I need them to colouring part of my life. To share about something happens in our day. A good friend must be always ready beside her/his friend in every condition, either bad or good. Maybe it's easy to accompany our friend in a good condition, but it's rather hard to find a friend who can accompany us when we on the bad condition. I still amateur to be a good friend. Sometimes I become very selfish. Sometimes I becomes very sensitive with my friends' attitude. In the other time I easily annoyed by small error that my friends have made. Maybe an apologize word doesn't enough to delete all my fault, but I'll try to be a good friend from day to day.

That graduation is the result of our effort by accomplish our thesis. And of course by generosity from our God. In that day, we all can say to our parents that we are not their baby anymore, we become an adult, haha lol. We know that our graduation doesn't enough to pay all of their sacrifice since we on our mother's womb until this day. 

Back to our friend in that picture. She really nice girl. We met each other on second year of our class in stis. The first impression from her, I think she's very silent girl. In fact, she's not too silent, haha. In the same time on her silence, she is thinking about something. When she talk, the conversation have a good quality, not like me too much talk but worthless, astagfirullah.. :) One more thing that I should imitate from her is do not like to complain about anything. She ever complain about something, but very rarely. 

All of things in this world of course have a lack, also her. Sometimes she doesn't pay attention too much about something important. I wish someday she'll read this post, so I wish this is not a 'ghibah', haha. I'm happy to be her friend. In my next post, insyaAllah I'll write one by one of my beloved friends. Readers, if you find something wrong in this post, please correct me,.. :)

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  1. _el26_ |

    sosok yang pendiam, tapi cerdas. ketika dia diam, sebenarnya dia sedang berpikir. mmm...mungkin hanya menunggu saat yang tepat untuk mengungkapkannya :)
    *verly udah baca belum ya?

  2. Novi Tata |

    Elook,, kamu ngeblog juga ya. Hemm hem suatu kehormatan ni dikomentarin sm elok :D
    Verly insyaAllah udah baca...

  3. Elock |

    kehormatan..waduh lebay nih..
    iya nih lg belajar,mohon bimbingannya suhu.. :D


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